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Greek Ports Information


Position : 37' 57.0 N / 023' 38.0 E
Country : Greece
Local Time : [GMT +2]
Info: Piraeus lies on the Saronikos Gulf towards the SE the mainland.

General overview: It is the major port in Greece and is the port for Athens,
handling most cargoes in its main (central) port, Hercules port and subports,
the latter occupying some of the many bays in the area.
There are more than 20,000m of quay space with 9 Ro-Ro ramps available.
Shore leave is permitted. There are also facilities for crew changes.
Fresh water is available at the berths. There is also a supply of all grades of
bunker oils available in the port.

Traffic figures : Approx 10,000,000 of cargo including 426,000 TEUs are
Handled by the port annually.

Restrictions: Aghios Georgios Max Draft 9,8m (32f). Drapetsona Max Draft
11,6m (38f). Piraeus Max Draft 11m (36f).

Load Line zone: Summer

British Admiralty chart: BA1093, BA1513, BA1596, BA1657,
US National Imagery and Mapping Agency Chart: US54343, US54344, US54346



Position : 38' 02.0 N / 023' 30.0 E

Country : Greece

Local Time : [GMT +2]

Info : Elefsis is located on the Saronikos Gulf towards the SE of the mainland,
24km from Piraeus.

General overview: The port accommodates vessels with up to 3,66m draft for
entering the old port. E of the old port at a distance of approx 300m there is a
quay 300m length and 80m width. For the first 145m of the quay, vessels with up
to 7.31m draft can be berthed and for the remainder vessels of 10m draft can berth.
Distance between the old and new harbours is 345m, depth 7.31m.
Exports include cement, oil-based paints, soap, wine, resin and olive oil.
Import consist of general goods.

Load Line zone: Summer

British Admiralty chart: BA1513, BA1598, BA1657,


Position : 37? 56.0 N / 022? 56.0 E

Country : Greece

Local Time : [GMT +2]

Location : Corinth is situated close W of Poseidonia which is at the NW entrance
to the Corinth Canal.

General overview: It is an artificial harbour, protected by a mole in front of the
town of Corinth. Corinth was once a thriving seaport but its importance
diminished after the construction of the Corinth Canal.
Sea traffic is now limited to trade in the export of local produce, mainly currants
and raisins and domestic imports.

Load Line zone : Summer.

British Admiralty chart : BA1085, BA1093, BA1600



Position : 37' 42.0 N / 024' 04.0 E

Country : Greece

Local Time : [GMT +2]

Info: Lavrion is located southeast of Piraeus close to the eastern tip of the
Attica Peninsula.

General overview: A major development plan is underway which will give Lavrion
the opportunity to promote itself as a viable alternative to Piraeus and Thessaloniki.
Both the commercial port and inter-island ferry terminal are being upgraded
with EU funds. The max draft for the commercial port is 6 mtrs and for the ferry
terminal there are works under process and the final draft is not yet fixed.
RO-RO, Container, and passenger facilities are to be provided in the port
Itself which are scheduled to start in 2002.
Also new storage areas, customs facilities and office space are planned in
adjacent areas.
Shore leave is permitted. There are also facilities for crew changes.
Fresh water is available by truck. Supply of bunkers only MDO/MGO by truck,
from Piraeus.
Import consist of general goods.

Traffic figures: Approx 600 vessels are handled annually.

Load Line zone : Summer

British Admiralty chart: BA1571, BA1657, BA1038


Position : 40' 38.0 N / 22' 56.0 E

Country : Greece

Local Time : [GMT +2]

Info: The port of Thessaloniki is on the NW Shore of the Thermaikos Gulf.
Alternatively known as Salonica.

General Overview: Thessaloniki is the starting point of significant rail, motor,
air networks and sealines. By these means it is connected with Fastern and Western
Europe and especially with the main economic centers of the continent.
Regular and other shipping lines join Thessaloniki with the whole world and
gives out the status of an important commercial center.
It is considered as the natural outlet of the Balcan Peninsula, while its sphere
of influence extends over a large part of central and Eastern Europe.
Finally the port offers 3 containers berths , 20 general cargo berths, tanker and
liquefied gas terminals, 15 transit sheds and 20 warehouses (see port map
for details).
Thessaloniki port covers all type of agency services. Bunkers also of all
Grades are available as well as lubricants.

Traffic figures: The port has a modern and efficient container terminal with a combined capacity of 200,000 containers annually.

Load line zone: Summer

British Admiralty charts: BA2070